Premier Bank celebrates 23 years of prosperity

The Premier Bank Limited on Wednesday celebrated its 23 years of success and prosperity.

The bank’s board of directors’ chairman Dr HBM Iqbal inaugurated the celebration program through a cake cutting ceremony presided over by the bank’s managing director and chief executive officer M Reazul Karim, said a press release.

Members of the board of directors BH Haroon MP, M Imran Iqbal, Jamal G Ahmed and Nahyan Haroon, independent directors Kaiser A Chowdhury and Naba Gopal Banik and advisor Muhammed Ali, among others attended the ceremony.

Dr HBM Iqbal stated in his speech at the ceremony ‘Our journey started in 1999. Since then, we have been able to prosper and achieve our current position by earning the trust, faith and love of the people. Our bank has had an important role in the development of various sectors across the country. We could not have achieved our current position without the support, guidance and love of our valued clients, well-wishers, patrons, controlling bodies and media personnel.’

He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards the management authority of the bank for the gradual and steady success of Premier Bank.

M Reazul Karim thanked everyone and said, ‘Our journey on the road to prosperity will continue. Premier Banks current portfolio of assets and deposits now stand at 38,280 crore and 29,130 crore respectively, while present AD ratio is 74.26 per cent compared to 76.22 per cent of last year. Our bank’s present LCR is 123.96 per cent which was 117.21 per cent last year, while NFSR is 124.52 per cent which was 122.38 per cent last year and percentage of bad loans is 2.76 per cent. Our AD ratio, LCR, NFSR and percentage of bad loans is in good standing according to the standards of Bangladesh Bank. We are hopeful that within the next 5 years our bank will be one of the top performing banks of the country based on all parameters.’

Muhammed Ali said, ‘Bangladesh is moving forward towards the goal of becoming a developed and prosperous nation by the year 2041. In this journey, Premier Bank continues to be a major and significant contributor due to the various progressive strategies we have adopted under the leadership and guidance of Dr HBM Iqbal, chairman of the board of directors.’